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¡La lucha sigue!

By Catherine Cortez Masto


What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis; Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky; Ahmaud Arbery in Satilla Shores, Georgia – and countless other black Americans – is heinous and unacceptable. As a country, we can no longer let this brutality continue. Racism is far too pervasive in America. And the prejudice and hate that stems from it is dangerous, wrong and deeply disturbing. Yet, it’s also plagued our country for generations. But now, our country has clearly reached a long overdue tipping point – and turning point.

Catalina Cruz becomes first former 'Dreamer' elected to New York state Assembly

By Nicole Acevedo and Reynaldo Leanos, Jr.


Democratic candidate Catalina Cruz is now the first former Dreamer ever elected to the New York state Assembly and the third in office nationwide.

Cruz, 35, won Tuesday night in a race against incumbent Ari Espinal and Reform Party candidate Bobby Kalotee for New York's 39th Assembly District, which includes the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Corona and Elmhurst in Queens, a borough of New York City and one of the country's most diverse areas.

"I never thought I would ever get to vote — let alone for myself," Cruz wrote on her Instagram account.


New Branding for NAHREP Highlights Organization’s Strengths and Focus


“Logos set the tone for an organization and have a significant impact on public perception” said NAHREP Co-Founder and CEO Gary Acosta. “Our original logo helped establish our brand in the market as an important housing advocate. As the organization evolved and further defined its role in housing and economic empowerment, our board felt it was time to modernize our logo in a manner that reflected our broader focus while maintaining a strong connection to our roots.”

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"Farmworkers Are Living 20 to a House in California’s Bountiful Salinas Valley"

By Samantha Michaels

If you’re making a salad to go along with your dinner tonight, you should probably thank the farmworkers in California’s Salinas Valley, who produce about two-thirds of the country’s lettuce and much of its strawberries, tomatoes, and broccoli. When they head home to meet their families this evening, many of them won’t have the space to cook their own meals: A long-standing housing crisis has likely pushed tens of thousands of farmworkers into cramped and dangerous living conditions without adequate access to kitchens and bathrooms, according to a housing survey released Thursday by the California Institute for Rural Studies (CIRS) and the California Coalition for Rural Housing.

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"As immigration debate rages, UFW planning Salinas Cesar Chavez 'mega march' against Trump"

By Cristian Ponce, The Californian


Salinas’ annual Cesar Chavez march looks to take on a new meaning this year in light of the national debate over immigration policy and enforcement.

The Salinas branch of the United Farm Workers of America hopes to draw hundreds of thousands to the city on April 8 for a "mega march" in the name of Cesar Chavez and against President Donald Trump, said Lauro Barajas, regional director for UFW.


"America's Top High School Science Students Are the Children of Immigrants"

By Rob Wile


If the children of immigrants somehow disappeared from the U.S., America would suddenly be in a serious science talent deficit.

That’s the conclusion that can be drawn from a new report from the National Foundation for American Policy, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to public policy research on trade, immigration, and education.

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"Happy Cesar Chavez Day"

By Arturo S. Rodriguez, UFW president.

I just want to wish everyone a happy Cesar Chavez Day and hope that you get the opportunity to participate in an event in your community. We will be sponsoring marches throughout the state of California, Washington and Texas to really mobilize and get the community behind the efforts of farm workers. There are many more marches happening around the country. 

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"Catherine Cortez Masto Wins Nevada to Become First Latina Senator"

By Dave Philipps.


LAS VEGAS — After a close race fueled by record outside spending, Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat, won the Nevada Senate contest on Tuesday to become the first Latina senator. She defeated Representative Joe Heck to fill the seat of Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic minority leader, who is retiring after three decades in the Senate.


Don’t Overlook the Diversity Factor"

By L. Maria Vergara, NAHREP Consulting Services President.


The first few months of the new year offer a fresh start for most of us. The first quarter presents opportunities to get things accomplished as a mortgage originator that you didn’t get to last year, but vowed you would pursue in the year ahead.​ New opportunities are always a good thing, but we still have limited resources. The resources that are the most scarce are usually time, money and people. 

With finite resources, we have to choose our activities, including business-development initiatives, wisely. What will be worth the investment of these resources for the best pay off in the long run? This question is important to answer before choosing where to focus your business-development activities in 2018. What business-development opportunity offers all of these factors? The answer: the minority homebuyer market. If your 2018 business strategy isn’t inclusive of diverse markets, you are missing a huge growth opportunity.

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