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MultiCultural Community 

to Create & Share Wealth 

I'm a MultiCultural Trusted Advisor

 My mission and legacy is to inspire the MultiCultural Community to create & share wealth and to achieve the American Dream. As a latino boomer I have been the beneficiary of the hard work and sacrifices made by my parents as immigrants from Nicaragua. 

As a MultiCultural Trusted Advisor, I can utilize my business experience and skill set to influence public policy and improve the quality of life for our community.

Chester Ruiz & Jane Fonda in a picket line in front of Safeway Store in Denver, CO during the lettuce boycott in 1971.  Chester postponed his education at the University of California Berkeley to work for Cesar Chavez and the UFW.  He received $5.00 a week with room and board for 3.5 years.

¡Sí Se Puede!

Dolores Huerta is among the most important, yet least known, activists in American history. An equal partner in co-founding the first farm workers unions with Cesar Chavez, her enormous contributions have gone largely unrecognized.


Dolores tirelessly led the fight for racial and labor justice alongside Chavez, becoming one of the most defiant feminists of the twentieth century—and she continues the fight to this day, at 87. 



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Chester Ruíz, Co-Founder

“Recruit & Train the next generation of Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals expanding the​ SUEÑO AMERICANO of Homeownership with dignity, compassion and professionalism.”

"Our mission is to create wealth through ownership of Real Estate in Nevada".

Chester is a licensed Nevada Broker Salesperson,

License Number: BS. 0145137

Chester is a lead generation specialist for the Dickson Consulting Group. 

The economic growth potential for Real Estate in the North-west Nevada is similar to Silicon Valley 30 years ago. 


Employment, affordable housing, plus High-tech (Tesla, Google, Apple) contribute to growth and Real Estate appreciation.   


Chester’s on the ground team in Nevada is headed up by Alex Lopez with Dickson Realty, ¡Sí Se Puede!

Reno, the largest data center in the world, northwest Silicon Valley.


Why Reno?

Building the bridge from Silicon Valley to Reno, follow technology to Reno, Reno is exploding with opportunities.


¡Sí Se Puede Nevada!

Latino STEM

Assocciation, Inc.


"Educational and Professional Development"

Jose Hernandez,

NASA engineer

Chester Ruiz, Co-Founder

To educate Latinos on the methods of entrepreneurial development by incorporating ongoing changes in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.


To ensure that Latinos are able to enjoy the fruits of their creativity and energy by providing them with a vehicle by which they can come together with like minded persons and develop their creative capacities to the fullest extent possible.

To build collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations that will help our members realize their individual dreams.


To open the avenues to investment opportunities by constantly developing relationships with individuals and organizations who are willing to invest in Latino creativity.


NASA engineer Jose Hernandez remembers exactly where he was when he heard the first Hispanic-American had been chosen to travel into space.


"I was hoeing a row of sugar beets in a field near Stockton, Calif., and I heard on my transistor radio that Franklin Chang-Diaz had been selected for the Astronaut Corps," says Hernandez, 41, who was a senior in high school at the time.

Read Complete Article: https://www.nasa.gov/vision/space/preparingtravel/ascan_bio_hernandez.html


About Chester

Formally the NAHREP Corporate Membership Ambassador. He has a long history as an activist and real estate professional. He was instrumental in helping to launch the new NAHREP chapter in Silicon Valley. Currently serving on the Corporate Board of Governors - CBOG.

Skill Set for the Greater Good:

  • Passionate and Visionary Leader

  • Executive Management

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Business Development and Strategic Sales

  • Partnerships and Joint Alliances / Ventures

  • Strategic Entrepreneurism

  • Company and Team Building

  • Non-Profit Leadership and Management (Latino / Hispanic Community)

  • Software as a Service / Cloud Computing

  • Green Tech / Alternative Energy and Information Technology

  • Documents, Records and CyberSecurity Management

  • Real Estate Development, Construction and Professional Services

Finding The American Dream, A Story of Entrepreneurship and Adventures

Interview with Chester Ruiz, Founder of DreamerLogix

Stanford Hispanic Broadcasting // Radio Shows: Atenea Americana

For this program, we are talking with Chester Ruiz, founder of dreamerlogix.com. He is a first generation Californian with Nicaraguan heritage, but also an entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, and civil rights activist. Today, he is telling us about his story, his background, accomplishments, lifelong fights and future plans.


Chester explains how home ownership and family is the foundation of most immigrants and how the American dream is all related with legal residency, family, the right to work and education. This American dream is closely tied to his ideas for civil rights and to his new enterprise.


This American story starts with the amazing adventure of his dad. Nineteen years old Mr. Ruiz Senior one day on 1939 decided to drive his car north, a new Ford model in an adventure throughout the rain forest, rivers, and the unknown all the way from Managua, Nicaragua to San Antonio, Texas. All this adventure took place way before the Pan-American highway was build and all the roads paved and improved highways systems were built. Later he went to the world exposition in San Francisco, where he fall in love with the possibilities, the innovations, the country and its wonders. After he was back in Managua some experts from the US corp of Engineers find out about his trip, and they asked him to work with them in the mapping and construction of the Pan-American Highway that they were then planning to build. After few years building it, he got legal residency and moved with his the new wife, an elementary school geography teacher, to San Francisco.

During this conversation, Ruiz told us about his experiences growing up in San Francisco, where a paper route let him save in three years enough money for a new family investing, that later lets them learn new skills and bring more seed money for other bigger enterprises to come. He also told us the story about how he got involved with Cesar Chavez and the fights for civil rights in his youth, and how these experiences had marked him to invest in this new start-up, to help immigrants and dreamers to achieve legal status.


DreamerLogix is an online tool to educate and facilitate the final users in the recollection of all the documentation for the immigration process, and to understand the process in a clear and easier way.


Read Complete Article: http://stanfordhispanicbroadcasting.org/


Building the capacity of non profits as a trusted advisor


“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine."

- Jim Rohn​



Mark Ruíz

Attorney, real estate broker, entrepreneur, board of Director Member of NAHREP of Silicon Valley. Runs a successful law practice in Redwood City.

Mark mentors and inspires founders with all aspects of start-up consulting.

Ttri-lingual: English, Spanish & conversational Mandarin Chinese.

Kathleen Ruíz

Writer for Talent Development Division of Salesforce. Creates colorful storytelling abstracts story. Believes in the importance of staying physically fit and is a certified Spin Instructor. She takes her responsibility as an aunt very seriously and will drive to southern California to share quality time with her niece.

Michael Ruíz

Michael is a part of Carmel Partners, where he helps the leadership team realize the potential of value creation for a multi-family portfolio of investments. Michael loves the outdoor, scuba diving & sailing. He enjoys barbecuing special cuts of meat and will spare no expense in the pursuit of quality and excellence.

Michelle Kauffman (Ruíz)

Twin sister of Michael and the mother of Isabelle and Wesley Kauffman. Michelle is very resourceful and prior to getting married, participated in a variety of start-ups. She enjoys fashion and likes to support local businesses. She loves being an involved mother and participates with other mothers in a variety of mom groups.

Meagan Cantalupi (Ruíz)

Meagan the youngest of the bunch recently got married to John Cantalupi. She will be working as an intern for a local non-profit specializing in best practices social media for young people. Megan and John will be spending their honey moon in Europe.

Antonio Ruíz

Dad, Grandpa, Tio, is the youngest 100-year-old you will ever meet. Immigrated from Nicaragua in 1945 in pursuit of the American Dream. His example and inspiration made it possible for us to live the American Dream and to pass it forward to our children. Love of family, work ethic, and a positive attitude are just a few the ingredients in which Antonio believes are necessary to live a life full of purpose.


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